How to play

Welcome to GOOL the game!

For the impatient reader: The essence of the game is to beat your friends at predicting real football matches.

Now, for the more patient ones…

GOOL is really easy to play, it essentially works as a real football championship:

  • You create a league by inviting friends. Each player has a team.
  • Every matchday your team plays against another team like in a real championship.
  • The home team player picks 11 real matches to be predicted for the current matchday and both players enter predictions.
  • One correctly predicted exact score means one goal for your team.
  • You obtain 3 points for the win, 1 for the draw, 0 for the loss. The team winning the most points wins the league.

Game basics

In order to play GOOL, you and your friends will create a league. Each player has one team. Every matchday, teams play against each other like in any real national football championship.

A league must have an even number of players, because you’ll be playing each-other in pairs.

The moment a league is created, our GOOL App will automatically draw a full calendar, with all the players facing each-other every matchday. Every player will play half of the matches at home, and the other half away.

The player playing at home1 chooses 11 matches from a number of real championships (e.g. Premier league, Serie A, La Liga, etc.) which were selected when the league was formed. Then, both players (home and away teams) should enter predictions of exact scores for the selected matches. Predictions are submitted before the real matches begin.

1The home player is determined, as in real football, by the team name listed first. For example, in a match between FC Skywalker – FC Vader, FC Skywalker are listed first, thus determining them as home player.  

Scoring System

With every correctly predicted exact score of the real match, you score a goal in GOOL the game. For example, FC Skywalker has correctly guessed exact scores in 3 matches out of 11, while FC Vader has correctly guessed exact scores in 2 matches out of 11. This means the final score in GOOL is:

FC Skywalker 3 – 2 FC Vader

As in real football, a victory gives you 3 points, a draw 1 point, a loss is 0 points.

The player winning the most points wins the league.

How the league works

You can start to play either by a) creating a league yourself or b) by joining a league created by a friend.

a) Starting your own league

Start creating a league with the + button in the “Leagues” section of the main menu. As a creator, you will be the league’s admin.

Choose a unique league name and start to invite your friends.

A league should have an even number of players between 6 and 20, and you can obviously create as many leagues as you wish.

Invite friends either by their unique nicknames, or via e-mail or social networks. Whatever route you may choose, you have to wait for their confirmation.

Your friends can also request to join your league, which requires your approval.

You can check pending requests or not confirmed invitations by clicking the “Pending Players” button. Here you can accept or reject requests. Anyway, you’ll get notifications for every event that matters.

After all friends have accepted their invitations and/or you have accepted/rejected the received joining requests, you can start the league with the button.

You can decide to play with matches from championships all around the world. The championships are added one by one by choosing them from the list. Championships are combined in a way such that “strange” time zones cannot be chosen together. Let’s say Argentinian League cannot be coupled with the Chinese league, obviously, for very practical, time-related issues.

Note: As an admin, your league (or leagues) will be marked with a crown which looks like this in the main menu. The leagues where you’re not an admin will appear unmarked.

b) Joining a league

Joining a league as a user is pretty easy. The only thing you have to know is its name. You’ll have this option immediately after you open the GOOL App. Go to “Join League” and enter the name of the league you’ll want to enter. A request is immediately sent to the league admin, and you’ll be part of that league following his/her approval. You can also reach the “Join League” page with the + button in the “Leagues” section of the main menu.

Choosing team logo, jersey and stadium

Make your team unique with special logos, jerseys and stadium. You can choose team logo, jersey and stadium after:

  • You have accepted an invitation to join a league, or
  • You are accepted the request to join a league, or
  • You are the admin and you have just started a league.

Fixtures, Tables, Stats

Fixtures and past results can be found at our GOOL calendar.

Classification table can be found at our cards tab. Apart from simple statistics, this is the place where you’ll get our special GOOL Jeelos®, i.e. cards related to your performance. Becoming the league Matador? The GOOL-wide Macho? It all happens here.

Share game best moments with friends

And here we come to the most important part of our game, having fun with friends. Our GOOL App has a stated goal of being more than a simple online game, it aims to bring people together through this amazing sport that is football. So, players in a league will be able to chat in our GOOL Lounge about everything, from predictions to football news, to favourite teams, to injuries and all that happens around football.

Share your best moments in social media; all the matches, guessed scores, your league table, records and GOOL Jeelos® are totally shareable. Tell the world you’re a football master!

Our future goal is to bring football loving people together in an app where they can find absolutely everything about football. We are determined to achieve this, and we’re doing everything we can. We believe everything that happens in a football field is nothing, to no importance whatsoever, without the fans.

This is why we created GOOL, fans deserve to have a place where they can play, talk, cheer and enjoy every aspect of football, beyond the simple 90 minutes.

We really hope you enjoy our game. We sure do.